The Today Show Sinks Low: The World’s Tallest Man!


Roll up! Roll up! Matt Lauer‘s about to introduce you to a world of crazy freaks, ladies and gentlemen!

The Today Show turned into The Freak Show this morning when hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera sunk to a record new low! They hosted a skin-crawlingly awkward interview with The World’s Tallest Man!

Sultan Kosen, a 8″1′ Turkish giant graced the stage with the help of a chatty translator (he doesn’t speak English.) What were some of the uncomfortable questions and comments Meredith and Matt (AKA Ringling Circus Masters!) made?

Meredith: “Everything [next to him] looks so tiny! Those feet!

Matt: “No coach seats for him!

Meredith [to Matt]: “Why don’t you put your feet next to him!

Hell guys, why not just roll the big, sad giant over – and see if he breaks?!

And a few words from Sultan before we roll to commercial?

Sultan: “I’ve had a really difficult life…”

Er… Sorry to interrupt your Giant Downer – but viewers don’t want to hear that!

Watch the creepy clip below!

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