Mackenzie Phillips Confesses Abortion To Oprah


Mackenzie Phillips continued her “High On Arrival” book tour to Oprah’s house yesterday and among the shocking revelations: she had an abortion after finding out the baby’s father was… her father, John Phillips.

The One day At A Time star said the abortion (paid for by her father) was such a wake-up call to her incestual intercourse that it ended the 10 yr drug-drenched romance they’d been “sharing.”

Said Mackenzie: “I never let him touch me again.”

After a rough beginning (that began on her wedding eve with a blackout rape,) Mack admitted the decade of dating was consensual, but told Oprah she now feels that her father’s lovemaking was “an abuse of power” and “a betrayal”. And now she wants to ‘put a face on consensual incest’.

And perhaps a Playboy spread. But that’s down the road. Too soon.

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