Michael Jackson’s Estate Sues Charity

022709_SL_Jackson06The Jackson Estate is suing Heal the World Foundation according to BBC News.

Claiming The King of Pop never endorsed the charity, the Jack(ass)sons are stating:

“Unfair competition, trademark infringements and several other offences”

The kicker:  They want the foundation to never use the phrase “King of Pop” or the word “Thriller”, believing that the terms  are too closely associated with the star.

We’re no Boston Legal eagles, but seem to remember the wigged one writing and performing a song titled ‘Heal the World’.

‘Heal the World’, Jackson clan, not Bandage The World!

M.J. also gave over 1.5 Mill to the Foundation:  Maybe the not- so justified Jacksons thought it was a loan?

All we have to say about this is:  “King Of Pop, Thriller, King Of Pop, Thriller, King Of Pop, Thriller, King Of Pop, Thriller!”

Come on Jermaine, come and get us! – And if possible please bring Pia Zadora:  ‘When The Rain Begins To Fall’ is one of our FAV songs!

The Heal the World Foundation has yet to comment.

Click here to watch MJ’s  Heal the World’ video, courtesy of YouTube.

Click here to watch the Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora classic:  ‘When the Rain Begins to Fall’, courtesy of YouTube & MTV.

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