Balloon Boy Family To Face Charges for Hoax; Do Not Mess With the Heartstrings of America!

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Although we had previously speculated that the whole Balloon Boy thing was a giant hoax, we didn’t have much proof. Now more evidence has surfaced and it turns out the family is facing charges! FULL ON FAKE!

A former assistant to Papa Heene named Rob Thomas sold his story to Gawker, saying that he and Heene had been developing a science show for TV, something along the lines of Mythbusters. The assistant claims that Heene was paranoid (believing that major heads of state were actually outerspace lizard shapeshifters), and would stop at nothing to promote the science show he hoped would be picked up. Falcon’s outburst of “you said we were doing this for the show” on CNN references this reality show Heene was developing.

Colorado police are not too thrilled at being played for a publicity stunt. They will be charging Richard and Meyumi Heene with filing a false report, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, attempting to influence a public servant, as well as conspiracy. All in all the charges could mean up to six years in jail and $500,000 fines. You don’t get to launch in interstate manhunt for a missing child, and then announce “oops, j/k!!”

Child Protective Services has been called as well, and they will conduct their own investigation. The big mouth assistant that sold his story says the children were not mistreated, but you’ve got to call into question the kind of parenting skills that a person who would put their child in the middle of a media storm could really possess.

Call Richard Heene crazy, but this is our 4th post about the story, so he got his wish. But there’s a huge difference between “Richard Heene: What a smart and inventive scientist- let’s give him a reality show!” and “Richard Heene: What a messed up fame whore- let’s take away his children!”

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