Bow Wow Be Beefing With Him Moms On Twitter


Mooo-oom! I’m trying to be all hard like a mu-a-fuck-a on Twitter and you are for serious stomping on my game!

Bow Wow and his mom are having a fight on Twitter. Seriously. See, this is why, even though Bow Wow has dramatically improved his rapping skills with age, it’s still just this side of impossible to ever take him seriously. I don’t care how much he says nigga. This is still the guy who rapped:

Hit the movies, hit the mall

Then come out with big bags

Next day do lunch then head Six Flags

But it don’t mean nothin we’re just having some fun

Even though I may have told you on the ride you’re the one

I’m sorry little shorty I gotta take that back

Cause I’m just too young to get down like that

The man is well aware that the entirety of his post-pubescent career has been a long, dogged (NPI) slog for acceptance from thugs. That’s why he shouldn’t be writing things to his mom on Twitter like, “delete your account. or im deleting mine and my fans are going to be mad at you.” I mean, Bow ur wrong for that. Why would u delete ur Twitter acct bec I have 1? Pls don’t ever compare me to another mom. God made us dif. Except put the previous four sentences in quotes because that’s what his mom said.

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