Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Speaks On Catching a Lead Bumblebee Sting


The Sopranos is the best show of all time, but occasionally something so stupid would happen it would defy credibility, particularly when juxtaposed against what was normally the best writing on television. The three stupidest Sopranos moments: when those two goofballs in season two thought Richie Aprile would appreciate it if they tried to kill Chris, when Vito wore the leather hat and vest at the gay club, and when the rapper asked Bobby Bacala to shoot him. Rappers don’t want to get shot any more than you or I don’t want to get shot. And as for bragging about it after the fact, well, so would you or I. In the following clip, Waka Flocka details what it’s really like to be robbed at gunpoint and shot. (OK, fine, I guess the fact I’m writing this post does prove that getting shot will make you more famous.)

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