‘Jersey Shore’ Fight Loser Loses in Court, Too

Loser! Not everyone who got punched on the first season of Jersey Shore will be making $10,000 an episode this year. For example, Stephen Izzo. He’s the guy who got decked by Ronnie. No, not that one. The other one, where it was over in one punch and then Ronnie ran around screaming “One shot and he’s out!” before saying, “Please don’t arrest me, officer.” The dumb guido (Stephen, not Ronnie) has attempted to block the release of season 1 of Jersey Shore on DVD because, duh, he didn’t want everyone seeing him getting laid out, rewinding it, and watching it again. TMZ reports the judge will allow the DVD’s release because the guy’s face is blurred out in the footage, but now that the dude is trying to drag this thing into court,  his punched mug and name is all over the web. Loser.

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