Pittsburgh Zoo Removes Ben Roethlisberger Display After Rape Accusations.


He may be a celebs for all the wrong reasons now a days, but this  Ben Roethlisberger rape story is the gift that keeps on giving!

Not only was his team offering him up for trade for a mere draft pick before yesterday’s NFL draft, but now the city of Pittsburgh is trying to clear his name off of anything that represents the city.

The first to take action was the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

On a display at the park, which compares Roethlisberger’s height, to elephants, they have swapped his name with that of Pittsburgh’s prodigal son, Mario Lemieux.

A spokesperson for the zoo told reporters, “Mr. Roethlisberger isn’t the most popular person lately,” adding that some zoo visitors had expressed concern over the use of Ben’s image in the family friendly establishment, which lead them to change it up.

Lemieux won championships for the city in his hall of fame career with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and is now a part owner of the franchise.  On top of that, his record consists of no idiot motorcycle accidents and zero rape cases.

As for the fans?  It seems as if some are also ready to run Big Ben out of town.   During last night’s NFL draft, when the Steelers had their first pick,  Radio City Music Hall was filled with chants of “She said no.” (Video below)

Clearly his behavior has tarnished the Steelers image as a whole, which is probably why they, and the city of Pittsburgh want him on the first bus out of town.

Sucks to be you, Ben!

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