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Brandy: “I am Numb” Over DWTS Elimination

Sounds more like a song title to us, but after her shocking elimination from Dancing With the Stars last night, Brandy speaks! Let’s note, we thought her and Maksim were the best couple on the show for many weeks now, with Jennifer Gray coming in close second.  However, how can you not be Team Bristol […]

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Bristol Palin Safe Again! Kurt Warner Sent Packin’ on Dancing With the Stars

If you don’t believe in the power of Palin yet, then you haven’t been tuning into Dancing With the Stars. Despite multiple weeks with the lowest score, and multiple weeks in the bottom two, Bristol Palin lives to see another day thanks to the voters. Though former NFL Quarterback Kurt Warner scored higher than Bristol […]

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Bristol Palin Still Can’t Dance or Speak

We can’t believe Bristol Palin made it to week three of DWTS, but she did.  We are starting to recognize a pattern with her dances that really reflect her life, two of the three dances she’s done so far begin with her ripping her close off. The judges were none to kind to Palin this […]

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Bristol Palin Ready For Week 2 on DWTS

As we did last season with Chad Ochocinco (who was robbed)  on Dancing With the Stars, we’re going to keep you up to date on our favorite contestant this season. Yes, we know Bristol Palin has about as much a chance of winning as Levi Johnston does at becoming the mayor of Wasilla, but we […]

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Gosselin Kids Keep Kate Dancin’

Kate Gosselin, who’s had two less than stellar routines during her stint on Dancing With the Stars, has revealed the following, about her will to survive on the show for the sake of her kids. She explains; “Here’s the thing: I want to continue on so that I can learn, have the experience, give my […]

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Ochocinco Has Been Training for DWTS

Chad Ochocinco was just announced as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars last night, and don’t be surprised if he comes out prepared! Athletes usually do very well on this show, because their profession is footwork, but for Ochocinco, it’s all about the video games. He’s frequently at home during the season tweeting his […]

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Speaking of Dancing With the Stars…

Two celebs who won’t be appearing on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, but will have their likeness featured in a new DWTS porn parody are David Hasselhoff and Lindsay Lohan. Hustler’s latest release, This ain’t Dancing With the Stars XXX will feature  a scene where “Lindsay Lohan” seduces her dance teacher, and […]

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Britney Fans Ousted From Concert For Dirty Dancing

Fans at Britney Spears‘ Madison Square Garden concert were escorted from their seats and chastised for their sexy dance moves, causing them to miss half of the Circus concert. Concertgoers complained about some nearby fans’ provocative dance moves, causing security to pull the offenders out into the hallway asking them to clean up their act. […]

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