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EXCLUSIVE!!! Christian Bale: Christ or Manson?

Christian Bale  looks like he is getting ready for a role playing Jesus… or Charles Manson. With him you never know.  The volatile actor seems to have leveled out a bit since regularly playing tennis and gets the whole family involved taking them to play  in Santa Monica.

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Kim Kardashian turns 30, face is frozen in time!

The stunning Kim Kardashian celebrates the big 30 in style. Kim parties up a storm in Las Vegas and NYC at Tao nightclubs ,with a few of her closest friends,family and sponsors. Last year we joined Kim for her party in Las Vegas and when her cake arrived it had a big T Mobile on […]

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Spencer No Longer a Pratt?

Not according to his family! According to reports, Spencer Pratt’s family has essentially disowned him. Not that The Hills’ famous villain needs a family, but apparently since he’s chosen to distance himself from his sister Stephanie, and his parents over the past two years, enough is enough for them too. A source tells Us Magazine […]

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Kim Kardashian Casts Big Screen Family

When it comes to the Kardashian’s, I’d consider myself a fan, but there’s a certain line that just doesn’t need to be crossed! It sounded like a silly game of “who would play you in the movie about your life,” but it turns out the Kardashian’s reality could be taken to the big screen! Though […]

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