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Kim Kardashian’s First Track Leaks, Producer Speaks

Kim Kardashian’s first single ‘Shake’ supposedly leaked today and has made a splash during it’s web debut. While all of the reviews aren’t positive so to speak,  our friends over at Kikster.com got the dirt from a producer who helped work on the track: “I co-produced T-Pain’s “Thr33 Rings” album back in 2008 and I […]

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Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ Leaked 2 Weeks Early

Eminem’s latest album, Recovery, scheduled for release on June 22nd, has leaked onto the internet  two weeks early! No word on who’s responsible yet, but the damage is done. We’ve gave it a listen, and we think he is BACK!  17 tracks of the real and raw Eminem.  None of that goofy crazy stuff he’s […]

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More Kendra Sex Pics Leaked!

Vivid has released some more XXX photos from the soon to be released Kendra Wilkinson sex tape. These ones are a bit more graphic than the last.  You can check them out by clicking here. Thoughts?

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Snaps From Kendra’s Sex Tape Hit the Net

Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape is getting closer and closer to release, and to celebrate, Vivid has released some photos from it. They don’t show anything, in fact they are actually SFW! You can view them by clicking here. Not sure what the point is though, Kendra was a Playboy playmate…  If you want to see […]

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Lindsay Lohan Did NOT Leak Her Own Songs

Someone, who is not very nice, has been leaking Lindsay Lohan’s hard work all over the internet! Lindsay’s new songs seem to be hitting the net one-by-one, and she’s finally speaking out about it, just so that nobody accuses her of doing it. “i don’t know who, but someone keeps leaking my tracks! i can […]

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Tiger Woods Speech Leaked?

Take this as you will, but a radio station has claimed to have possession of a leaked copy of Tiger Woods speech for tomorrow. They’ve passed it along to NBC sports and it has hit the web. Again, who knows if it’s valid, we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.  If it is, well then […]

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