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Rourkes Message to Joel McHale.

Mickey Rourke is still steaming mad at Joel McHale after a crack was taken at the passing of his beloved dog Loki just days before the Oscars. Rourke was rectently at the premiere of his new film, The Informers in Hollywood where he told reporters, “Who’s the guy who made fun of my dog…? Motherf—ker! […]

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Rourke Roughin’ it For Iron Man Research.

Mickey Rourke is really determined to nail his character in the upcoming Iron Man 2 film, and he’s traveling back to his character’s mainland to do some research. In the movie, Rourke will play the Russain Villain, Whiplash.  In order to get in the mindset of an evil Russain, Rourke paid visit to the Butyrka […]

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Oscar Night in Hollywood!

The 81st Oscars are tonight, and 2008 saw some huge films! Who’s going to take home the big one?  Rourke? Penn?  Slumdog? Milk? And the late great Heath Ledger has to take home best supporting, right? Weigh in. Hopefully Mickey Rourke does win and delivers a speech as good as the one he delivered at […]

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Mickey Rourke Rooting For Sean Penn at Oscars.

Mickey Rourke is going to be rooting for Sean Penn to bring home the best actor award at this years Oscars, even though he’s nominated for the same catagory. Rourke’s Randy the Ram from The Wrestler, is up against Penn’s Harvey Milk from Milk, and when it comes down to it, Mickey is rooting for […]

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No Wrestlemania For Rourke.

Looks like Mickey Rourke’s “Randy the Ram” won’t be wrestlin’ with Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania after all. Though Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke  joked about heading to Huston for Wrestlemania 25 this April and called out WWE superstar Chris Jericho during the red carpet portion of the SAG awards, and the two continued the smack talk […]

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Rourke’s Wrestler Headed to Wrestlemania.

Mickey Rourke’s Wrestler won him the Golden Globe award for best actor this year and he was nominated for last nights SAG Awards, as well as the upcoming Academy Awards in February, but it looks like the character of Randy the Ram is going to come alive this April at WWE’s Wrestlemania 25. Rourke,  pictured […]

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