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Lisa Rinna On Melrose Place!!! Sike!

How heart broken do you think Lisa Rinna is that it’s been announced Heather Locklear will be reprising her role as Amanda Woodward on the new Melrose Place at some point this season? Lisa has been lobbying for that offer ever since the announcement of the show started, and when we spotted her out this […]

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STARZLIFE PICS: Dr. Justin Chambers

This guy is a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy. He look like any doctor you’ve ever seen? I’m not referring to the middle finger – I got that from my dermatologist once when I asked if she could cut her fee after I lost my health insurance – I mean his general hunkiness. I’ll accept hot […]

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Has Everyone Seen the Vampire Diaries Yet?

A little late to the game I know, but what can I say, it’s a full time job being me.  I finally caught the series premiere of  The CW’s The Vamipre Diaries last night, and though to the regular  Edward Cullen loving blind eye it’s a blatant Twilight rip-off, it’s actually pretty good. If anyone […]

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Your Fall TV Schedule, Printable.

Thanks to someone else for mapping this all out, but follow me after the jump for the Fall 2009 TV premiere line-up. Print it out, Hang it on the wall, and never miss an episode of Gossip Girl, 90210, and the new Melrose Place.

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I Hope You Like Jon & Kate + 8

Because it ain’t goin anywhere! Due to the enormous ratings that the season premiere picked up, TLC has ordered 40 episodes of their hit show Jon & Kate + 8 , just in case, you know, a divorce happens that would make this the last season. Considering the rough patch J&K have obviously hit, it’s […]

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First Look at Melrose Place 2.0

Ashlee Simpson recently announced that the new Melrose Place had been picked up for a full season, so now check out this sneak peek at the first episode. Was never really into the original like 90210, but it could be good!

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Heroes Will Be Back For a Fourth.

NBC bosses put the rumors that Heroes was on the chopping block to rest yesterday by announcing that the show would be picked up for another season and the order would be for 18-20 episodes. The order of 18-20 is however shorter than that of the first (23) and third (25) seasons with season two […]

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