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Justin Timberlake Accepts Invitation To Marine Ball

Justin Timberlake will be attending a DC Marine Corp. Ball! Both he and ‘Friends With Benefits’ co-star Mila Kunis will be attending the separate Balls with Marines who invited them via YouTube, and Timberlake said in a statement: “We want to pay honor to our country and embrace their Balls.” Now it’s up to Betty […]

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Betty White The Latest Celeb To Get Marine Invite

Watch out celebs, The Marines are on a mission to have you all at their Marine Corp. Ball. First it was Mila Kunis, and then Justin Timberlake, but now Betty White is the latest star to receive an invite via YouTube. Sgt. Ray Lewis says in his video: “I’d like to take Betty White (to […]

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Rebecca Black Set to Release New Single

Rebecca Black is back. The girl who rose to fame with a certified YouTube mess, ‘Friday’ will be releasing a new single on July 18. Her single, ‘My Moment’ will be released on YouTube and her official site on the 18th before hitting iTunes a day later. “Tell the story of her sudden rise to […]

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Fried Kool-Aid Anyone?

The latest of fried recipes hitting the fair circuit this summer is fried kool-aid. Yes, fried kool aid! You can’t really tell by the photo taken from the video, but watch it to see just how fried kool-aid came to be. Would you try it?

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Rebecca Black Forced To Take Down ‘Friday’ Video

For the first Friday since it’s release, you won’t be able to listen to your favorite Friday anthem. Teen web star Rebecca Black has yanked her infamous video offline. According to a report, Black is now in a legal battle with the recording company who helped her put the song together, over who has the […]

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Austin Theater Cracking Down Hard On Cell Phones

Ever been in a movie theater and someone just had to answer the phone?  Well a theater in Austin has a new policy for cell phone usage.  Use it and you’re out! The Alamo Drafthouse has started running this new PSA for turning your phone off in the theater after they received the included voice […]

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Ultimate Warrior’s YouTube Hate Fest For Hulk Hogan

Even with the death of one third of wrestling’s big three, Macho Man Randy Savage, there won’t be any reunions between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. The two have not been on the best of terms in years, and this rant from the UW in a new YouTube video pretty much tells the story. […]

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Drake Gets Animated For ‘The LeBrons’

Drake has been animated for the latest webisode of LeBron James’ cartoon, ‘The LeBrons.’ This episode has a special charity themed message, and it’s great to see LeBron James get one of his buddies involved. Check out the episode below and tell us how you think Drake did as a cartoon. He voiced his own […]

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Keenan Cahill Dances Till The World Ends With Britney Spears

YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill has teamed up with his biggest star to date! In his latest video, Cahill joins an on screen version of Britney Spears on the set of her new music video, ‘Till The World Ends.’ Though she never appears on screen with him officially, the video is cool, and was a pretty […]

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Justin Bieber Wins Big At Webby Awards

Justin Bieber is leading the charge at the 2011 Webby awards! Bieber’s followers were a big enough presence to earn him the “Peoples Voice Award Webby” for his ‘Justin Bieber Takes Over Funny or Die’ video. The Webbys are known as the web’s version of The Oscars, and one of Bieber’s fellow nominees is not […]

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