OMG! What happened to “BEAUTIFUL” Minnie?

Minnie, can you hear me? Why, oh why have you let yourself go? I mean you should be over Matt Damon already, aren’t you?Seriously, what excuse could this celebs have for being anywhere but her bathroom looking this ‘tow up! There is no excuse!!! No excuse!!! Am I the only one to find inspiration in “Ms. Mona Hibbard?” If I sat here long enough thinking about that second to last scene in the movie where she let’s her little girl know she’s REALLY her momma right in front of all those cameras on the Live telecast of that beauty pagent. . .I could totally get some sniffle action going!Minnie Looking like a HOT MESS!Ms. Mona Hibbard aka Minnie DriverBrush your hair, girl! Just do it!

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