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New dad Mario Lopez will make the perfect husband for Courtney Mazza

Mario Lopez was at the Grove shopping center yesterday shooting a segment for EXTRA TV, his  girlfriend Courtney Mazza was there to support him. Just a month ago Courtney gave birth to the couples first baby girl Gia and already  looks like she is back in shape . They make the cutest couple we think […]

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Jared Leto has been single way too long! Is he dating someone?

Once upon a time Jared Leto dated the hottest girls in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Olsen and Cameron Diaz to only name but a few. Since Jared’s music carrer has taken off in a huge way, you barely hear of any playboy antics from the Hollywood heartthrob. So we were wondering if there is […]

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Tarantino Called Out for Being a Cheater

Prizes at the Venice Film Festival this year went to an overwhelming amount of Quintin Tarantino’s friends and business associates and since Tarantino headed the jury, the Italian newspapers are calling him out. They are screaming that the fix was in claiming the prizes were awarded based on friendship not performance including the award for […]

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Wyclef Jean Heads Back to School

Wyclef Jean plans to enroll at Boston’s Berklee College to study music and hopefully inspire young’uns to want to learn. Jean wants to earn a BA in music while stressing the importance of education. Last time I checked, Wyclef Jean is an international music superstar- how much does he really have to learn about music? […]

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Tom Cruise takes his son Connor to celebrate his 14th birthday!

Isn’t this special? Tom Cruise takes his son Connor to celebrate his 14th birthday at Wolfgang Pucks ‘Cut’ restaurant at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. What a gay time! I can’t imagine what more a normal 14 year old kid might want to do on his 14th birthday!? I mean come on! Who […]

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Celebs giving back!

Acting coach to the stars, Bobbie Chance and her studio, Expressions Unlimited held an exclusive performance to benefit underprivileged children of the Free Arts Foundation at Guy’s North Night Club in Studio City, California. Joining the festivities were some of Bobbie’s friends including emmy award-winning actor Kris St. John (“The Young and the Restless”), Gabrielle Tuite (Barker’s […]

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OMG~ Jonas Brother’s LOVE BUG!!!

I told you!  I knew it was gonna be HUGE!!!! The Jonas Brother’s new CD “A little bit longer” came out this past Tuesday and since then it has not come out of my STEREO!!!

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Ms. Mona Hibbard aka Minnie Driver

OMG! What happened to “BEAUTIFUL” Minnie?

Minnie, can you hear me? Why, oh why have you let yourself go? I mean you should be over Matt Damon already, aren’t you?Seriously, what excuse could this celebs have for being anywhere but her bathroom looking this ‘tow up! There is no excuse!!! No excuse!!! Am I the only one to find inspiration in […]

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Look at this hot bitch!!!!!

Look at this HOT b*tch!!!!!

I guess this could go in the category: “What were they thinking?” Only in L.A. can you see such craziness! God forbid this guy leans a little too far to the right or left~! OMG!!! Exactly the reason I stay away from GYMS. . .Period!!!! I guess it could be worse. . .It could have […]

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Ultimate Lunch Switcheroo!!

WeHo’s School Kids See Stars For Lunch January 10, 2008 – By Ryan Gierach, West Hollywood West Hollywood, California (January 17, 2008)Eleven-year-old Grace Stagg spent Thursday , January 10 the envy of every elementary school child in the country when she entertained Corbin Bleu, the award-winning star of the hit films “High School Musical” and […]

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