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Rihanna Sips Wine In The Nude

Rihanna spends her weekends like most of you probably do!  Drinking wine and not wearing pants! The singer was he subject of a photo posted to Instagram by her pal Melissa Forde over the weekend, in which she was decked out in nothing but a bra and a fur sipping wine from a wine glass. […]

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Rihanna Gets New Chris Brown Tattoo

Despite what many on the Internet will write in the comments section, Rihanna is committed to giving Chris Brown another chance.  So committed, that she has reportedly went and gotten a tattoo in his honor. The past/present couple have been posting messages and photos of one another on their social media pages, without giving a […]

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Chris Brown Makes Twitter Return, Shares Rihanna Photo

Chris Brown has made his *much anticipated return to Twitter after deleting his account a little over a week ago. Brown deactivated his account after a spat with comedienne Jenny Johnson, where he lashed out with some pretty vulgar words. Brown shared the above photo upon his return, with the caption; “What would music today sound […]

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Rihanna Sets Internet On Fire With Chris Brown Instagram Photo

Rihanna recently told Ellen DeGeneres she was single, but if she’s “just friends” with Chris Brown, then we’ve been doing friendship wrong all along. Rihanna took to her Instagram page to post the photo shown above, straddling Chris Brown and kissing him on the top of his head presumably after one of his shows, writing; […]

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Rihanna Spends Thanksgiving With Chris Brown in Germany

Rihanna just wrapped up her 777 tour in New York City on Tuesday night, before jetting off to Germany to spend Thanksgiving with ehr ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna was in Berlin, Germany on Sunday night as a stop on the mini tour of 7 shows in 7 nights, but flew back to the city to […]

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Listen Here: Rihanna: Diamonds (Remix) Featuring Kanye West

Rihanna released a remix to her new track “Diamonds” this afternoon which features an appearance by Kanye West. You already know it’s a good track, so add Kanye West and we have one of those hits that you’re going to be hearing a lot of this winter. Rihanna’s new album, ‘Unapologetic’ hits the shelves on […]

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Rihanna Gets Naked For GQ

Good morning from GQ Magazine!  Rihanna has ditched her clothes for a cover shoot for the latest issue of GQ magazine. GQ named Rihanna the 2012 “Obsession of the Year” and the singer sat down for an in depth interview with the magazine for their December issue. Rihanna’s 7th album, “unapologetic” hits stores next week, […]

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Rihanna Launching a 777 Tour In Support Of New Album

Rihanna is setting off on a global trek in support of her new album, ‘Unapologetic.’ The singer will take off on her own Boeing 777, and she will bring her show to seven different countries in seven days, accompanied by 150 members of the press- corps. As of right now, the only scheduled date is […]

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Man Claiming To Be Chris Brown Files Lawsuit Against Rihanna in Tennessee

A man in Tennessee claiming to be Chris Brown has filed a lawsuit against Rihanna for giving him herpes. According to the report on TMZ, the lawsuit claims, [Rihanna] gave me herpes and then when I threatened to file a lawsuit against her for not telling me she was infested with genital blisters she began to […]

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Rihanna Reveals New Album Cover

Rihanna has gotten some of her “Navy” excited for the release of her upcoming album, by Tweeting an image of the album’s cover. The 7th album for the singer, titled “Unapologetic” features RiRi topless and covered by a bunch of strategically placed words, some of which are actually track titles on the disc. Rihanna launched her new […]

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