Rihanna Gets New Chris Brown Tattoo

Despite what many on the Internet will write in the comments section, Rihanna is committed to giving Chris Brown another chance.  So committed, that she has reportedly went and gotten a tattoo in his honor.

The past/present couple have been posting messages and photos of one another on their social media pages, without giving a real confirmation that they are back together, but this would be a pretty big indication wouldn’t it?

According to the reports, Rihanna got Brown’s nickname, Breezy, inked on her body just a few days ago.

A source claims, “She got it to symbolise her commitment to him. Now the world knows they’re back together, they’re determined to make it work.”

If Chris Brown has even chanced an ounce from 2009 when he was arrested for assault on Rihanna, meaning he would never do THAT again, and she believes that he wont, then it’s her decision.   But most Rihanna fans would hate to have to say ‘told you so,’ if he hasn’t changed.

Hopefully he has!


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