Look at this HOT b*tch!!!!!

I guess this could go in the category: “What were they thinking?” Only in L.A. can you see such craziness! God forbid this guy leans a little too far to the right or left~! OMG!!! Exactly the reason I stay away from GYMS. . .Period!!!! I guess it could be worse. . .It could have been Britney Spears at the gym! Imagine Brit doing those yoga stretches? Especially with her aunt Flow visiting? Talk about GROSS!!!! OK, So now I have to get that image of Britney’s leaking privates out of my mind to re-focus. . .uuugh. . .so hard to do!OK. I’m better now. . .Now back to the yoga-speedo-dude! Doesn’t “dude” watch Dr. OZ on Oprah? Doesn’t he know the dangers of “the speedo?!” TIVO OPRAH yoga-speedo-dude! For the sake of all mankind.Anywho, I don’t care what anyone says, Felicity Huffman is one hot momma! At least she is able to release all this stress from the writers strike. I do hope things settle soon, I am desperate for some DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!Which is worse?! Felicity Huffman sweating or the guy doing yoga in his speedos?!Look at this hot bitch!!!!!

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One Response to Look at this HOT b*tch!!!!!

  1. March 4, 2008 at 6:27 pm #

    I have to agree with you! I don’t care what people say, Felicity is the hottest housewife out there. Period. One hot MILF!

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