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Happy Birthday!

Today I’ve decided to share my birthday with Desperate Housewive’s Felicity Huffman. She turns 46 today! I’ll only share because I am a big fan of the show though. Happy birthday Felicity! xoxo, C.

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Felicity Huffman Desperate to Save the Puppies.

Who knew Felicity Huffman was such do-gooder.  The Desperate Housewives star has been recently devoting her time to helping find homes for orphan animals that are held up in shelters. Over 4 million of these orphan dogs and cats are put to sleep each year due to overcrowding at animal shelters, so Iams has came […]

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Felicity Huffman is a comedic scare!

Lynette will be the new slut-nut of Desperate Housewives! recently caught up with a freshly manicured AND groomed Felicity Huffman, as she enthusiastically walked the streets of LA last week, doing some research for her possible new role as Desperate Housewives‘ most recent character gone slutty-mad! And, I gotta say, chica did one heck […]

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Desperate Howsewives, reasons three and four…

Bree and Lynette both have a bunch of kids, and still they manage to look this hot! Talk about inspiration!  Am I desperate, much?  Just missin’ it, that’s all!

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Look at this hot bitch!!!!!

Look at this HOT b*tch!!!!!

I guess this could go in the category: “What were they thinking?” Only in L.A. can you see such craziness! God forbid this guy leans a little too far to the right or left~! OMG!!! Exactly the reason I stay away from GYMS. . .Period!!!! I guess it could be worse. . .It could have […]

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