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How Shayne Lamas Avoided the Montag Make-Over

Shayne Lamas was the winner of the bachelor  on ABC but when that didn’t work out she found a happiness in a quickie Vegas wedding with’s Nik Richie. One other thing we bet she’s happy she found happiness with was her looks, which caused her to cancel a Heidi Montag-esque makeover with Dr. Frank […]

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Kim Kardashian: “I Tried Botox”

Kim Kardashian is finally coming clean about her stand on plastic surgery! Has she had it?  Has she not?  Will you believe what she says anyways? Kim tells UsMagazine: “I’m totally not against plastic surgery. I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done. No butt implants, no butt injections, no anything to […]

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Megan Fox Thinks Plastic Surgery Does Not Fix Insecurities

Though she’s been the speculation of a procedure or two in her days, Megan Fox is actually speaking out about plastic surgery. She’s playing coy on whether or not she’s had any work done of her own, and admitting that she’s got nothing against it, just that girls should think twice before jumping up on […]

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Heidi Montag to Televise Next Boob Job

Because the damage is already done and there’s no turning back now, Heidi Montag is planning to go under the knife again. This time, for bigger breasts! Never mind the fact that Heidi got size F breasts when she went in for her now famous 13 procedures in one day, she wants to go bigger! […]

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Lisa Rinna Talks Kate Hudson’s Boobs

Lisa Rinna should be the spokesperson for plastic surgery!  No stranger to the procedures herself, Rinna always has something to say whenever a star gets something done. Her latest: Kate Hudson’s boob job. Kate’s new assets made their first appearance last week to mixed reviews, but Rinna tells UsMagazine it’s nobody’s business! “I think everyone […]

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Kelly Osbourne Blasts Plastic Surgery Accusitions

Kelly Osbourne is blasting reports that she’s had any plastic surgery procedures done to help achieve her new shape, for one simple reason… She couldn’t! After slimming down to probably the best she’s ever looked, and attributing it to hard work and ballet dancing, a few sources started calling out Kelly Osbourne for  getting procedures […]

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Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag Want’s to go Bigger; Doc Shuts Her Down

Since getting ten procedures in one day including, chin, cheeks, nose, boobs, thighs, and lips… Heidi Montag is fiending for more! But she’ll have to find a new doc, because the doc who performed her first ten, says no more! Her husband, Spencer Pratt was said to be against her getting all the work done […]

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‘Hills’ Co-Stars React to Heidi Montag’s New Bod

Heidi Montag unveiled her 10 new plastic surgery procedures in last week’s People Magazine, but some of her old friends aren’t impressed! Not that co-stars Lo Bosworth, and Audrina Patridge are against it, (clearly in Audrina’s case) but they hope she’s not sending the wrong message with her headlining announcements of her new bod. Bosworth […]

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Heidi Montag Gushes About ‘Life Changing Transformation’

Sooooo did it become acceptable to be “obsessed” with plastic surgery and admit it when we all went to sleep last night? Because Heidi Montag’s new People Magazine cover does just that! The mag claims that Heidi recently decided to go under the knife for the second time recently, and left with 10 new procedures. […]

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Joan Rivers On Jay Leno: “He Will Put America To Sleep Earlier”

America’s Funniest Lady has just slammed America’s Most Boring Talk Show Host. The acid-tongued legend calls Jay Leno boring – and brands Chris Rock as “brilliant.” In an interview with, Joan Rivers drops some choice bombs: Some highlights: On Plastic Surgery: “I do very little at a time, which is a great way to […]

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