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Joan Rivers Gets Her Groove Back

The Joan Rivers’ edition of web video series Closet Confessions was released today and is actually quite charming. Rivers does manage to slip in that she hates Victoria Beckham amidst the sweetness. Joan is getting up there and for the last couple years, despite the surgeries, the cracks have been showing. The high pressure, […]

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Joan and Michael: Match Made in Heaven?

Leave it to Lindsay Lohan, to come up with the hilarious quote of the day even in her time of despair! After some back and fourths with Joan Rivers, who claims to have the answer to all Lindsay’s problems, Lindsay tweeted: “Joan Rivers and her “stargument” make me believe that she and Michael Lohan are […]

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Joan Rivers On Jay Leno: “He Will Put America To Sleep Earlier”

America’s Funniest Lady has just slammed America’s Most Boring Talk Show Host. The acid-tongued legend calls Jay Leno boring – and brands Chris Rock as “brilliant.” In an interview with, Joan Rivers drops some choice bombs: Some highlights: On Plastic Surgery: “I do very little at a time, which is a great way to […]

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Caught On Tape! Joan Rivers Freaks Out During Taping

Potty-mouthed legend Joan Rivers isn’t about to go out quietly. The septuagenarian comic treated Comedy Central staffers to some choice words and diva-like behavior at her Roast last week. After giving guests and roasters strict instructions about what (and who) NOT to do talk about, she unleashed a s**t storm of abuse! What do you […]

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Joan Rivers Roast Rules: “No Missy Jokes”

Roasters at Comedy Central’s Joan Rivers roast on Saturday night were given one strict rule – imposed by none other than Joan herself. What’s the joke the funny lady of comedy finds not-so-funny? Her daughter, Missy. After a humiliating stint on Celebrity Apprentice and being given some choice words by Donald Trump, Joan was insistent […]

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