Joan Rivers Gets Her Groove Back

The Joan Rivers’ edition of web video series Closet Confessions was released today and is actually quite charming. Rivers does manage to slip in that she hates Victoria Beckham amidst the sweetness. Joan is getting up there and for the last couple years, despite the surgeries, the cracks have been showing. The high pressure, wit demanding situations like red carpet have made Joan a little hard to watch recently. Closet Confessions, a series where celebs give you a tour of their closet, clothing and accessories, has made Joan fun to watch again. The low pressure comfort of her own closet lets her relax and it seems a lot easier for her to recall who designed an old dress than the names of the stars of High School Musical.

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One Response to Joan Rivers Gets Her Groove Back

  1. December 17, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    joan should accuse her hollywood woods of jealousy with their malicious juvenile overpaid overdone faces like herself. Juliana needs a new fertility routine from you for her love child.

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