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Awkward Alert! Dita Von Teese on CSI: Dullsville

Dita Von Teese wrapped her appearance on an episode of CSI: Dullsville.  She told The Post she once had set her ambitions on acting. Judging from past  performances as herself  on reality shows and speaking engagements, it’s clear Von Teese is better suited for non speaking entertainment like nudie dancing and designing. To say she is awkward […]

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Kelly Osbourne Might Be Designing for H&M

Girls that are, more than anything else, famous for being famous always try their hand at the big three, acting, singing and fashion. It’s an attempt to link their fame and success to an actual talent rather than the answer to the question “what does she do?” be “ummm rrr uuu, you know she was […]

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Kelly Osbourne Sidelined By Surgery

Just when she’s on a roll getting fit and shedding the pounds, Kelly Osboune is going have to be sidelined. She’s due to have  surgery  on both her feet because of a painful condition.  Osbourne told E! “They have to break bones in my feet and reset them. I’ve put it off because I’ve not […]

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8 Wax Gagas Unveiled Worldwide

She’s multiplying. If we haven’t had enough Gaga incarnations in 2010 there are eight new ways to experience her. Famous wax museum Madame Tussauds unveiled eight Gaga wax figures all in different Gaga get-ups spread around the world from Vegas to Hong Kong. You can watch the making of these creepy dolls here.

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Animated Gisele is American and Ain’t All That

When people are animated it’s usually done in a way that makes them a little better looking. If you’re Gisele and there is no conceivable way for you to get better looking, animation does nothing for you. Don’t believe me? check out Gisele and the Green Team, Gisele’s new environmentally friendly AOL website/series for kids. […]

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NYT Disses DASH’s New NYC Store

New York City is a long way both physically and style-wise from Calabasas and might have been too far a leap for the Kardashian’s store DASH to take. NYC is where the big boys play fashion, people with decades or cred, experience and vision. That shiny shit that passes for fashion in Miami 9 times […]

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Kim Kardashian Dating Kris Humphries: Isn’t Kris Her Mom’s Name?

Kim Kardashian has broken up with Gabriel Aubry, her model boyfriend and we were hoping this meant whinny spinster Kim was going to be back! The two had been together for about three hours, but before then Kim was on a rampage talking and talking about how she couldn’t believe she was the single one […]

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Joan Rivers Gets Her Groove Back

The Joan Rivers’ edition of Bluefly.com web video series Closet Confessions was released today and is actually quite charming. Rivers does manage to slip in that she hates Victoria Beckham amidst the sweetness. Joan is getting up there and for the last couple years, despite the surgeries, the cracks have been showing. The high pressure, […]

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Julianne Hough Ain’t Rockin’ a Rock

DWTS star Julianne Hough grabs a couple of Jamba Juices after a pretty sweaty work out. The 22 year-old baby faced ballroom dancer recently returned from a whirlwind Holiday trip to Paris with 35 year-old boyfriend Ryan Seacrest. Despite rumors swirling around the trip there was no ring in sight and Julianne’s brother Derek Hough […]

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Barbie On the FBI Watch List

A memo from the FBI to law enforcement has been issued warning of the potential hazards of Mattel’s new Video Girl Barbie. FBI fears the toy,  with built in camera and lens right in the middle of Barbies chest, might be a useful tool for child pornographers. There have been no incidents reported of Barbie […]

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