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Katy Perry Might Want You to Start Looking at Her Feet Instead

Katy Perry is about as pedestrian a pop star as they come and the one thing pedestrians need is shoes, so who better to pair up with Steve Madden?  Not since Ashlee Simpson signed with Sketchers has there been a better shoe / “singer” pairing.  Katy is said to be in talks with Madden on […]

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Lauren Conrad Style Expert??? Look Again

Lauren Conrad recently released a book on style called “Style” that includes Conrad’s tips. We’re not sure how one failed clothing line, a line for Kohl’s and the mediocre ability to even dress herself (as seen here) makes her an expert on style. Close your eyes for a second and see if you can remember […]

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Victoria Beckham Says “It’s All About Girl Talk” With Her and Katie Holmes

Victoria Beckham is looking stunning on the cover of the forth coming November issue of Marie Claire.  Inside the magazine the former Spice Girl talks about her close relationships with her husband and neighbor Katie Holmes. Posh denies knowing much about Scientology, claiming between her and Katie ““It never really crops up. I’m very close […]

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James Franco Gender Bends Our Minds

James Franco is mixing it up again, this time it’s his gender.  The actor/college student/artist is all dolled up on the cover of Candy, a transvestite fashion magazine. A notorious experimenter and renaissance man, Franco recently blurred the lines between reality and fiction, art and crap with a stint on the soap General Hospital as […]

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Happy Birthday Nicky Hilton

It’s been a roller coaster of a year with break ins and family drama but Nicky’s starting her 27th year off on a great note with the recent  launch of her new jewelry line. She celebrated her birthday with her sister Paris, boyfriend David Katzenberg, his father Jeffrey and Zach Braff on Saturday night at […]

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Taylor Swift Retains Her Title as the Queen of Milquetoast in New Issue of Glamour

Awww Taylor Swift, as safe as they come, saying all the right things, never adding anything new to the conversation, never taking a strong stance or having a strong opinion on anything. The current issue of Glamour offers nothing more than more evidence of her stepford status.  The mannequineque pop star covers all the predictable […]

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Bristol Palin Still Can’t Dance or Speak

We can’t believe Bristol Palin made it to week three of DWTS, but she did.  We are starting to recognize a pattern with her dances that really reflect her life, two of the three dances she’s done so far begin with her ripping her close off. The judges were none to kind to Palin this […]

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There Goes Project Runway’s Thread Cred

Oh Dang! Project Runway has decided to celebrate opposites day this year, wherein they invite Jessica Simpson to judge the finale and then choose the winner based on the opposite of what she likes… or that’s the only reason we can think a show that claims to celebrate innovation and good design would dream of having […]

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