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Katy Perry For Maxim!!!

Katy Perry is the master of this… Being hott and showing off just enough but not enough. Check out her new photos from Maxim Magazine. Russell Brand is one lucky duck!

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‘Branding’ Katy Perry

Katy Perry is finally doing what most people do, and taking on her husband, Russell Brand’s last name. Though Katy insists she’s been going by Katy Brand since after their October 23rd wedding, she’s ready to make it official. She revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, to air Wednesday, that she’s currently in […]

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Katy Perry Can’t Keep Her Clothes On

Another week, another TV special where Katy Perry changes her clothes every time we blink. This time it was VH1 Divas Salute to the Troops and we lost count of how many times she changed during the corse of the show, but she strutted everything from a Jessica Rabbit dress to an army uniform.   […]

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Katy Perry Sells Us More Stuff

Katy Perry released her new fragrance called Purr in the US today by touring NYC in a branded purple ice cream truck making several stops all over the city.  The perfume comes in a big purple bottle shaped like a cat… classy. The whole Purr, Purrfume, Purrple theme  offers all the depth as her lyrics, […]

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Prediction: Katy Perry and Russell Brand to divorce in 1year

Even Holly Madison had the good sense to give Russell Brand the flick after a short while of dating,  flicking Russell into the arms of Katy Perry. Russel who has written a book about his sex addiction recently convinced Katy to walk down the isle with him. Katy thinks she is great in bed and that will […]

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Katy Perry’s Honeymoon Bites!

According to a report by Grazia Magazine, shortly after Katy Perry and Russell Brand arrived to their honeymoon in the Maldives, Katy was bitten by a spider causing a damper to the trip. The bite caused an annoying rash to her leg, and the medication then made her sleepy, according to the source. Basically, Rusty […]

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Good Night Pune: Katy Perry Puts on Her Mom Pants

Wow! Katy Perry Has been married for only about a week and she’s already tamed. She’s put her money makers away for once and is looking very momish in the her new video for the song Fireworks.  The song has a Momsy message as well, ” you’re original, can not be replaced” and all that […]

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Taylor Swift sucks and so does Katy Perry!

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry suck! Wow!  That was a bold headline you are thinking, it’s an interesting conversation today in the Starzlife offices we  thought we would share . Have you ever heard a popular song that everyone seems to love,  it soars up the charts on every radio station playing everywhere you go. You love […]

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Did Katy Perry and Russell Brand Already Tie the Knot?

Rumor has it that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are to tie the knot in a lavish wedding this coming weekend, but could they already have done the ceremony behind closed doors? Russell was spotted out in the UK this week going for a jog with a suspicious gold band on his ring finger.   The […]

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Katy Perry Might Want You to Start Looking at Her Feet Instead

Katy Perry is about as pedestrian a pop star as they come and the one thing pedestrians need is shoes, so who better to pair up with Steve Madden?  Not since Ashlee Simpson signed with Sketchers has there been a better shoe / “singer” pairing.  Katy is said to be in talks with Madden on […]

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