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Happy HOlidays From Paris Hilton

This is the Christmas card that Paris Hilton sent out to all her family and friends this holiday season. It’s un-certain if a copy of Playboy was attached or not. Paris wrote the note: Merry Christmas, XOXO Paris. We have a feeling this one is stuck to many refrigerators in southern California this Holiday season.

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Paris Hilton: Addicted to Love and Lemonade

Paris Hilton while out and about shooting her new show, popped in to one of her usual spots to grab a lemonade. Her new reality show for Oxygen, unlike her former more orchestrated theme driven shows, is supposedly a real look inside her life. What we know about the heiress for sure is that she’s […]

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The Power Of Paris: Tween Mind in an Adult Body

Before we talk about how Paris Hilton is starting to look a little bit pregnant, we’d like to acknowledge that she’s been making her boyfriend Cy wear matching outfits with her lately. We’ve always loved Paris’ 12 year-old approach to the world and making your boyfriend color coordinate is really an amazing move.

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The Hiltons Do What Hiltons Do Best

Watching Paris, Nicky and their mother Kathy shopping in Beverly Hills is like watching a black AmEx wielding all star dream team. Their team motto is, Every day is Black Friday when you have a Black AmEx. The three Hilton ladies hit the shops together to do what they do best.

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Paris Hilton’s New Purse Line Hopefully Includes Cocaine Hiding Compartments

Paris Hilton has been a busy little barbie shooting, shooting, shooting for the last couple weeks. First in Hawaii and now at her sister Nicky’s house  in her signature subtle style, with a giant pink Cadillac.  The campaign she shot in Hawaii is for her new line of purses, hopefully inspired by her arrest in […]

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Paris Hilton Lends Voiceover For X-mas Movie

Money is money!   Not that Paris Hilton needs it, but she loves the animals! Paris will be appearing lending her voice to a new Christmas toon, ‘The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation.’ In the film, set to air November 28 on ABC family, Paris will be playing a pup named ‘Bella.’ She tells E! online […]

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Paris Finding Work: Hard Times

They say it’s who you know in this business! Doesn’t help to have your future brother-in-law at the helm of a popular MTV show when you’re Paris Hilton. Never cast for her acting ability, Paris tweeted this photo on the set of MTV’s  ‘The Hard Times of RJ Berger’ yesterday. ‘On Set Shooting The Hard […]

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Paris & Cy Serious Contenders for Cutest Couple

It was a rocky start but Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits look happier than ever. Not only is it written all over their faces but Hilton’s glee is written all over her wardrobe. The two stepped out to pick up a bite and took their cute coupledom to the next level by feeding each […]

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Paris Hilton Quits Partying for Boyfriends New Daughter

Paris Hilton has taken a vow to become the new Paris Hilton. In a new interview, Paris has revealed that she’s done with the partying lifestyle, and all because of her boyfriend Cy’s daughter, Shea. She explains: “Shae is Cy’s daughter, and she is amazing and I love her so much. She is an animal […]

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Paris Hilton Gives to the Children

Seeing as she’s got an image to clean up right now, it’s no surprise that Paris Hilton is tweeting about her good deeds. Though any good deed is better than no good deed, we have to laugh at her motives here. Paris tweeted: “Just got home. Had a great day today. Cy and I went […]

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