Paris Hilton Quits Partying for Boyfriends New Daughter

Paris Hilton has taken a vow to become the new Paris Hilton.

In a new interview, Paris has revealed that she’s done with the partying lifestyle, and all because of her boyfriend Cy’s daughter, Shea.

She explains:

“Shae is Cy’s daughter, and she is amazing and I love her so much. She is an animal lover like me. She is smart, she is very mature. We love going to the pet store and playing with animals… going to Circus Circus, going on rides and playing games. It’s fun, it’s like having a little best friend. We spend a couple of days every week in Vegas. We go back and forth to see her and when we are there it’s completely different from when I used to go to Vegas. We cook dinner at home. We play with all the bunnies in the backyard. We do normal things like go to the movies, and relax and just get her ready for school. It’s definitely a different place but I’m really enjoying and loving it. I think having kids is the meaning of life and I really believe that. I definitely want to have a couple of kids when I do because being an only child is hard and I always loved growing up with a big family.”

Paris has been very vocal in supporting the fact that her new man has a seven-year-old daughter, even calling the child her new BFF.

We hope Paris can keep it clean now, but she’s going to have to keep that boyfriend clean, too!

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