Dr. Drew is STILL Obsessed With Lindsay Lohan

In an attempt to downplay his obsession with Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Drew Pinsky recently told PopEater that he wouldN’T love to have Lindsay Lohan on his show Celebrity Rehab because she would be a “difficult patient” and would only agree to have her on if she would “agree to stay in treatment for one year.” Hmmm is this the same Dr. Drew that has been talking about wanting to get Lindsay on the show for the last two years, who is constantly talking to the press about her, including bizzare predictions that she will loose a limp? The same man who has publicly offered her treatment in the past?  The same man that Lindsay has repeated Tweeted about keep his opinions about her to himself?

We are pretty curtain that Drew would take Lindsay under any circumstances.  Also, is Lindsay worse off than Leif Garrett? Is she in need of more intensive treatment than a man who has been an addict for decades and decades? Is she more “difficult” than Jason Davis or has more to overcome than Jeff Conway? or is it just that she’s more famous and that’s why he wants her in treatment for a year?

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One Response to Dr. Drew is STILL Obsessed With Lindsay Lohan

  1. December 15, 2010 at 2:43 pm #

    Lindsay has a Borderline Personality Disorder that is impossible to treat and most doctors won’t because it is to hard on the therapist (old psych joke: How do you treat a Borderline? Refer them.) Drew must think he could help her, but he’s wrong. But good for him for trying to deal with these personalities. Not many will.

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