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Dr. Drew is STILL Obsessed With Lindsay Lohan

In an attempt to downplay his obsession with Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Drew Pinsky recently told PopEater that he wouldN’T love to have Lindsay Lohan on his show Celebrity Rehab because she would be a “difficult patient” and would only agree to have her on if she would “agree to stay in treatment for one year.” […]

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Malin Akerman Swoops Up Lindsay Lohan’s Part

Malin Akerman, up until now, has played the cute blonde girlfriend part in such movies as The Heartbreak Kid, 27 Dresses, The Proposal and Couple’s Retreat. Most actresses with a string of these roles eventually disappear replaced by the next crop of rom-com bitchy exes, or cute co-worker.  Malin Akerman on the other hand isn’t […]

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InferNOPE Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Playing Linda Lovelace

Lindsay Lohan is no longer going to be playing Linda Lovelace in the Lovelace bio-pic Inferno. This might be the first glimmer of hope for Lohan’s continued sobriety that we’ve seen since she’s entered rehab. I don’t think anyone thought that jumping into to such a dark role set in a world of sex and […]

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Dina Lohan Talks About Not Talking

Dina Lohan appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk to Matt Lauer about her daughter Lindsay’s addiction. Dina finally admitted Lindsay is an addict. When Lauer asked why she would never admit it before, Dina replied “it’s not for me to say.”  She then went on to say “as a mother it’s not […]

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Who’d Make the Best (worst) Dad For Lindsay’s Baby

Everyone knows Lindsay has a problem being left alone and can you blame her, would you want to be left alone in a room with her?  InTouch is reporting that her new solution is to have a baby. Apparently she told a friend she really wants one, the baby would act as a constant companion […]

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Lindsay To Young Fan: Get Lost!

A freshly self-tanned Lindsay Lohan makes a getaway from a young fan to a secret L.A. residence yesterday. The former child star, who guest stars on the much-delayed sixth season of Project Runway later this month, was later seen partying it up at the Incubus concert with an unnamed gal pal. Where was Sammie? Entertaining […]

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Together Again

Looks as if some time apart may have healed the relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Though they went seperate, both Linds and Sam were in London together this past week, and even flew home on the same flight. Could this be the romantic reunion we all were hoping wouldnt happen? According to Lindsay’s […]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Home Ransacked…By Lindsay Lohan.

Speaking of cops paying visits to troubled young Hollywood starlets, Officers were called to the home of Lindsay Lohan after receiving a call that a burglar alarm had  gone off on Tuesday afternoon. Upon arrival, cops noticed the place was trashed.  All signs pointed to a breakin and ransacking, until the cops realized that it’s […]

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Everyone Else Did…But Lindsay Didn’t See Break Up Coming???

Lindsay Lohan had a chat with Ellen DeGeneres yesterday afternoon and Ellen went straight for the kill. Who cares about asking Lindsay what she’s been working on, she wanted to know about the breakup! Well Lindsay didn’t have much to say because she claims she had no idea it was coming. Clearly she must have […]

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No Vegas Residency For Lohan, Maybe London Though?

Contrary to reports, Lindsay Lohan will not be starring in the Las Vegas  Peep Show as a part of a cast rotation. The news first sparked when Lohan attended the opening of the show fronted by Mel B and Kelly Monaco this past weekend in Vegas, with talks of negotiations already being underway for an […]

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