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Samantha Ronson’s New Squeeze Has Lindsay Fuming

According to,  Samantha Ronson has moved on to a new chick. The source claims that Sam has been dating the former assistant of Kirsten Dunst, Liat Baruch. Obviously this has Lindsay feeling helpless and furious, as she’s locked away in rehab.  The source claims: “She’s furious, it literally drives her crazy to see anyone […]

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Lindsay’s Relapse: Who’s to Blame?

The answer is simple:  Herself. Nobody else should be at fault for Lindsay Lohan failing two drug tests fresh out of a rehab stint, but a source is claiming that it was a familiar face that pushed her over the edge. According to,  Lindsay spun out of control when her former flame Samantha Ronson […]

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Sam Ronson Tweet’s About Her Murderer Dog

Samantha Ronson has released a statement regarding the murder her bulldog, Cadillac committed on a helpless puppy yesterday afternoon. Tweets Sam: “There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing.  I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe […]

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Samantha Ronson Named in Bull Dog Attack

According to a report, Samantha Ronson’s bulldog is the culprit of an attack in West Hollywood this afternoon that left one small dog dead, and it’s owner injured. Authorities responded to a call of a “pitt bull attack” around 11:30 this morning in West Hollywood. The source claims that by the time officials had arrived […]

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Samantha Ronson Talks Lindsay

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan haven’t had any ex-lovers spats as of late, but Samantha was talking Lindsay during a recent interview!  Comparing their relationship to a headache! “To be honest, being with her was more of a headache than anything else. Everything I was doing I was already doing (before Lindsay). It just meant […]

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Lindsay and Samantha Drama: From Real Life to Twitter

Samantha Ronson has apparently officially had it with Lindsay Lohan. After Lindsay hit Twitter last night with Tweets about being thrown out of a Hollywood club by Samantha, Samantha let it all out with her response! Lindsay first wrote; I’m pretty sure that @samantharonson just threw a fit @33years old and my friend tal @draishollywood […]

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Sam Ronson Calls Lindsay an “Angry Human Being.”

After their latest weekend incident, which lead to Lindsay Lohan throwing a drink, glass and all, at Samantha Ronson’s head inside of Trousdale night club, Sam has labled Lindsay an “angry human being.” TMZ caught up with her yesterday afternoon and when asked why Lindsay threw the drink she responded;  “I don’t know … she’s […]

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Lindsay Facing Nightclub Ban

Fired from work, banned from night clubs, Lindsay Lohan is eventually going to be forced to her own house at all times. After an incident early Saturday morning at Hollywood nightclub, Trousdale, involving Lindsay Lohan and her former flame, Samantha Ronson, the wanna-be actress is facing a ban from the establishment. A source inside the […]

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Samantha Ronson Accused of Spitting in Lindsay Lohan’s Face

Lindsay Lohan took to her twitter page today alleging that last night at a birthday party, her ex girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, spit in her face, before leaving the party with whom we presume to be Justin Gaston. Linds writes; “tonight @ my friernds  bday  party, @samantharonson  spit in my face and left w/ @mileycyrus ‘s […]

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Nicole and Sam: Sunset Sushi Sisters

Looky looky who had a little Sushi date on Sunset blvd today! It’s the newly engaged Nicole Richie, and her old DJ pal Samantha Ronson. Nicole showed off that large and in charge rock that baby-daddy Joel Madden gave her, as the pair probably gossiped about what a loon Sams ex, the artist simply known […]

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