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Kyle Massey Sues Producers Of Bristol Palin ‘Life’s A Tripp’

  Kyle Massey of ‘That’s So Raven’ fame has filed a lawsuit against the producers of Lifetime’s new reality series ‘Bristol Palin, Life’s A Tripp’ claiming that the project was his idea. The ex-Disney star, who became friends with Palin on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’  claims he and his brother Christopher created a show for former vice […]

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Kevin Jonas and Wife Danielle Deleasa To Star in Reality TV Show

Ryan Seacrest is expanding his reality empire from K to J. For the first time, Seacrest will serve as the executive producer for a reality program about a family who’s name is not Kardashian. This time around it will be Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Deleasa. Cameras have been following the Jonas’ around to […]

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Ellen DeGeneres Scores Last Minute Twitter Invite To Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Who knew all you had to do to get an invite to Kim Kardashian’s wedding is ask on Twitter? If your name is Ellen DeGeneres that is… In a post on her Twitter page on Thursday DeGeneres wrote: “No invitation to Kim Kardashian’s wedding yet. Worst Thing In The World.” A response from Kardashian came […]

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Snooki Does Rolling Stone

Snooki is Rolling Stone’s new cover girl, and they have dubbed her America’s #1 Party Girl. So is that a reputation that Snooki wants to be perceived as? Not so much. Snooki tells the mag that she’s a lot different than her character on the show, or maybe not so much different, but has other […]

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Kelly Osbourne Sidelined By Surgery

Just when she’s on a roll getting fit and shedding the pounds, Kelly Osboune is going have to be sidelined. She’s due to have  surgery  on both her feet because of a painful condition.  Osbourne told E! “They have to break bones in my feet and reset them. I’ve put it off because I’ve not […]

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A&E Cancels The Hasselhoffs: Hasselhoff Should Head to Food Network

A&E has canceled it’s series The Hasselhoffs after only airing two viewerless episodes. Apparently the networked figured out really quickly that the reality show that follows the life of David Hasselhoff and his daughters, has nothing to do with Arts and/or Entertainment so A&E pulled the plug.  We would love to see his next move […]

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Dr. Drew is STILL Obsessed With Lindsay Lohan

In an attempt to downplay his obsession with Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Drew Pinsky recently told PopEater that he wouldN’T love to have Lindsay Lohan on his show Celebrity Rehab because she would be a “difficult patient” and would only agree to have her on if she would “agree to stay in treatment for one year.” […]

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Women Dominate Highest Paid Reality Star List

There are very few professions where woman make more than men, prositution, pornography and now it seems reality TV. The Daily Beats compiled a list of the highest earning reality TV stars and it looks like woman, a lot with the name Kardashian, are dominating. The list is high on dollars and low on actual […]

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Bristol Palin is Rich, and Here to Stay

Just because she was robbed eliminated on Dancing With the Stars, doesn’t mean the end of Bristol Palin. According to a report on Kikster.com , Bristol is Diddy Dirty Money rich, and has big plans in store for all of you. A source tells Kikster: “Bristol made over $345,000 from being on the show and […]

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The “Real Paris” Coming to Reality TV

Paris Hilton has a new reality show in the works with The Oxygen network, according to a source. The new show will be a “fly-on-the-wall” look at the every day life of Paris Hilton, the REAL Paris Hilton, not the Paris Hilton that she had to play up to on her past reality series, The […]

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