Bristol Palin is Rich, and Here to Stay

Just because she was robbed eliminated on Dancing With the Stars, doesn’t mean the end of Bristol Palin.

According to a report on , Bristol is Diddy Dirty Money rich, and has big plans in store for all of you.

A source tells Kikster: “Bristol made over $345,000 from being on the show and currently is getting $35,000 for each speaking gig she does Yet, all that is going to feel like pocket change if one or two of the big deals she’s currently working on actually happens. None of this should come as a surprise. This year’s ‘Dancing’ was up over 23 percent thanks to Bristol. Love her or hate her, you just can’t turn away. This is what makes her so valuable. Now is her time to make a lot of money and she knows it.”

$345,000 for being on the show!? WOW!   Bristol is apparently working on becoming the spokesperson for a fashion brand, multiple other reality shows, and even writing a book.

Bristol is going to be around for a while, we just wonder if her arrival could just be more weight tacked onto her mother’s sinking ship.  Or will Bristol be the sail that pushes team Palin into the White House in 2012?

Imagine the spin-off… Sarah Palin’s Washington D.C.

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