The “Real Paris” Coming to Reality TV

Paris Hilton has a new reality show in the works with The Oxygen network, according to a source.

The new show will be a “fly-on-the-wall” look at the every day life of Paris Hilton, the REAL Paris Hilton, not the Paris Hilton that she had to play up to on her past reality series, The Simple Life.

Paris was nabbed in Las Vegas on possession of Cocaine last month, and escaped with just 200 hours of community service.

Which the source adds may even be featured during some of the filming.

“This isn’t The Simple Life, where she played a campy version of herself. This show will give viewers a glimpse of the real Paris and her life, which is sometimes quite amazing.”

It’s a brilliant opportunity to capitalize on the community service!

But it’s not as if she’s going to act wild ever when she knows cameras are rolling.  How real is that?

You, and we, will still probably tune in, though!

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