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Demi Lovato Busts Out Her Big Guns

It hasn’t even been a month since Miley Cyrus turned 18 and we’ve already gotten naked pics and a drug video so Demi Lovato has a lot of catching up to do if she wants to be the new Lindsay Lohan.  Lovato is in rehab for “personal issues” which surfaced after she assault one of […]

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The Oprah Show Smacks Hugh Jackman in the Face

The excitement around the Oprah show has become less and less contained and more and more out of hand over the years. Whether it’s Tom Cruise jumping on a couch, or the audience being brought to a frenzy over a free blender, it was just a matter of time until someone got hurt. That someone […]

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Two Rights Make Wrong: The Tourist Bombs

Well it looks like having Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in your film isn’t enough to get asses in the seats after all. The Tourist’s disappointing opening weekend is proof of that. The film looks like a less fun, Mr. and Mrs. Smith without the chemistry or the tabloid story to juice it up. It only […]

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A&E Cancels The Hasselhoffs: Hasselhoff Should Head to Food Network

A&E has canceled it’s series The Hasselhoffs after only airing two viewerless episodes. Apparently the networked figured out really quickly that the reality show that follows the life of David Hasselhoff and his daughters, has nothing to do with Arts and/or Entertainment so A&E pulled the plug.  We would love to see his next move […]

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More Kevin Smith Airline Beef

Director Kevin Smith has another beef with another airline. This time, instead of fat people problems (FPP) he ran into rich people problems (RPP) with Virgin America.  This round he was escorted by a concierge service too late to get in his first class seat on the plane. As you recall last year he had […]

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Dr. Drew is STILL Obsessed With Lindsay Lohan

In an attempt to downplay his obsession with Lindsay Lohan, Dr. Drew Pinsky recently told PopEater that he wouldN’T love to have Lindsay Lohan on his show Celebrity Rehab because she would be a “difficult patient” and would only agree to have her on if she would “agree to stay in treatment for one year.” […]

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Women Dominate Highest Paid Reality Star List

There are very few professions where woman make more than men, prositution, pornography and now it seems reality TV. The Daily Beats compiled a list of the highest earning reality TV stars and it looks like woman, a lot with the name Kardashian, are dominating. The list is high on dollars and low on actual […]

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Bridalplasty, Round Two, TONIGHT!

Bridalplasty, the most talked about show to hit the air in years,  premiered last week and if you missed it, fear not,  we actually envy you for getting the opportunity to watch two episodes back to back. After one, we were hooked and finally the week long wait to get it is over. The newest episode […]

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Josh Duhamel Apologizes After Being Kicked Off a Flight

Actor and Fergie husband, Josh Duhmel’s people issued an apology on his behalf  saying “he’s sorry .” Duhamel was ejected from a plane at New York’s La Guardia for refusing to stop using and turn off his BlackBerry on a flight on Thursday . Duhamel was asked repeatedly to turn off the device and when it […]

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Entertainment Weekly Confused About the Word Entertainer

Entertainment Weekly might be confusing the word “entertainer” with “sells most magazines when you put her on the cover” because they’ve named Taylor Swift their 2010 Entertainer of the Year. From where we sit, which isn’t at a Taylor Swift concert because she didn’t tour all that much this year, she is only really entertaining […]

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