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More Kevin Smith Airline Beef

Director Kevin Smith has another beef with another airline. This time, instead of fat people problems (FPP) he ran into rich people problems (RPP) with Virgin America.  This round he was escorted by a concierge service too late to get in his first class seat on the plane. As you recall last year he had […]

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Remember When Kevin Smith Said He Was Done Talking About Being a Whale? Did You Actually Believe That?

Mallrats auteur Kevin Smith is back to yapping again, this time to MTV. Balloon Boy’s new gripe is not only with Southwest, but the media at large: “The [fat story] is the sexy story that everybody wants to write … I was so mad at the press because for 15 years I’ve done nothing but […]

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Kevin Smith Ate the Rest of This Headli

I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but I’m starting to develop SOME sympathy for Kevin Smith regarding this whole Southwest catastrophe. Hold on, let me remember any attempt by the man to be funny either on screen on in an interview from the last ten years. Okay, sympathy gone! Kevin just wrote this […]

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Here’s Southwest’s Statement Regarding Just How Fat Kevin Smith Is

Finally! I tried to read this thing last night, but the site was down from all the traffic. Southwest has published their response to the Kevin Smith brouhaha. Let me cut and paste it lest an army of angry whales attempt a DoS attack of their site as revenge or something: Many of you reached […]

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Kevin Smith Takes “Dick” Out

A brilliant writer is a wordsmith. A horrible writer is Kevin Smith. The auteur who gifted us with Jersey Girl has been tapped to direct a comedy starring Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis. Working title: A Couple of Dicks. Oh, man, how in your face is that? Answer: way too. Kevin’s received word from Warner […]

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