More Kevin Smith Airline Beef

Director Kevin Smith has another beef with another airline. This time, instead of fat people problems (FPP) he ran into rich people problems (RPP) with Virgin America.  This round he was escorted by a concierge service too late to get in his first class seat on the plane.

As you recall last year he had a run in with Southwest Airline about being too large for a regular couch seat and had to leave the plane.

This time around the airline concierge is a paid service that lets you know when it is time to board and escorts you from the lounge to the plane. Turns out they failed to get Smith, his wife and a friend to the gate on time which resulted into some intense blogging about the incident by Smith. Smith blogged that he gets on the plane later rather than sooner in the boarding process because, “when you’re the Too Fat To Fly guy on a plane? Well, everyone stares.”  We LOVE that his solution to being too fat to fly wasn’t to loose weight but just to fly first class and board last.   Luckily Virgin made it right before Smith even got home and refunded his money.  We look forward to more outraged airline diatribes in the coming years.

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