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Heidi Montag’s Afraid of Getting Body-Jacked For Parts

Poor Heidi Montag is like a modern day Anne Frank, forced to stay at home for her safety.  She told Radar Online in a recent interview all about her inability to afford security because of which now she “can’t afford to go out to clubs anymore.” Fortunately, by the grace of God, she’s able to […]

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This Time Last Year: Xtina, her X and Xmas

With all the pictures and talk popping up about Christina Aguilera and her new man we can help but think about how so much can happen in 365 days. This time last year Xtina, her soon to be X-husband and their son Max were shopping for a Xmas tree. What a difference a year makes. 

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Hilary Swank Lowers Her Brow and Creates Game Show for CW

If the title of the new fashion game show Hilary Swank is developing for the CW doesn’t have the word Swank in the title, then we’d like to nominate everyone involved for a special award for showing great restraint.  The Oscar-winning actress who doesn’t make all that many films but seems to get an award […]

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Shanna Moakler Talks ‘Bridalplasty’ With Dr. Phil

Bridalplasty Star Shanna Moakler is going to be on the Dr. Phil show this afternoon talking about her hit new E! show (our new favorite show) ‘Bridalplasty’ and why these women are willing to compete to win plastic surgery procedures. The show premiered last Sunday on E!, and in case you missed it, click here […]

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Super Creepy John Wayne Auction

John Wayne’s hairline was not what it seemed on film, he wore a toupee in most his films and now is up for auction. The hair piece, worn in the 1967 film El Dorado, has been in possesion of a make-up artist on the film for the last 43 years. There is no telling what […]

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New Season Celebrity Rehab is Celebs Rehab on Steroids

If you can’t wait until tomorrow to watch Jason Davis throw up, you’re in luck! Vh-1 has posted the first episode of the new season of Celebrity Rehab on its website before its Dec. 1st television premiere.  The buzz around this season is that it’s Celebrity Rehab on steroids and the cast is definitely a […]

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Sparrow vs. Mouse: Head of Disney Thought Depp Was Drunk, Not Acting

Now that they are on the forth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean titled On Stranger Tides, Disney is saying they could not be happier with the character Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp created for the films. That is after the shiploads of money have reached the dock but early on in the making of the […]

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Season 4 in Miami, AGAIN: Not Even Jersey Shore Likes The Jersey Shore

The cast of Jersey Shore are about to start negotiations for Jersey Shore Season 4.  The location of  new season set to be shot in spring: Miami… again. It looks like not even a show named after the place can stand to be on the Jersey Shore for too long.  We think a reality show […]

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Lady Gaga Joins Badly Concepted Charity Campaign To Be Ga Gone From Twitter

Lady Gaga has joined the ranks of Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian to quit Twitter, Facebook and other forms fo social networking in order to raise money for Alicia Keys’ charity.  Here’s the concept: each celebs logs off of all social networking on Dec. 1st and doesn’t log back on until a million dollars is […]

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Anne Hathaway (zzzzz) and James Franco to Host Oscars

We totally get that James Franco wants to do it all, from soaps, to modeling, to school, art, acting etc. etc. He does it all well, but he maybe getting a bit carried away by hosting the Oscars in a year where he will more than likely be nominated for his role in 127 Hours. […]

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