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Sparrow vs. Mouse: Head of Disney Thought Depp Was Drunk, Not Acting

Now that they are on the forth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean titled On Stranger Tides, Disney is saying they could not be happier with the character Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp created for the films. That is after the shiploads of money have reached the dock but early on in the making of the […]

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Johnny Depp to the Rescue!

The big screen coming to real life?   Something of that nature!  Johnny Depp has recently rescued a friend from a mugging. According to The Sun, after leaving a Los Angeles recording studio with British singer Stephen Jones this week, a mugger approached Jones with a broken bottle and asked him for all of his money. […]

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Robert Pattinson Tops Johnny Depp – Say It With Me Now – No Homo!

What an epochal year 2009 has been. The economy continued to crawl along, bleeding and broken; Michael Jackson made a movie; Cam’Ron released Crime Pays; President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for fixing all of the world’s problems; and Robert Pattinson ended Johnny Depp‘s five year reign of terror atop the IMDB STARmeter […]

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Ozzy and Sharon; Still Doin’ it.

If you haven’t had any foul images playing in your head this morning, here’s one for you. Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon are still doin’ it.   Yes…”it.” In a recent interview promoting his autobiography, Ozzy revealed; “We have good sex. My kids think it’s obscene that me and Sharon still have sex, but just […]

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Jack Sparrow Named Sexiest Man Alive?

According to this year’s People Magazine  Sexiest Man Alive issue, Johnny Depp has came out on top. The actor who will be thrilling screens in 2010 as The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland has won this honor for the first time. What do you guys think?  Deserving or no?   Mad it wasn’t R-Pattz during […]

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Johnny Depp Can and Will Literally Play Anyone

Johnny Depp absolutely refuses to be typecast – he’s played a flamboyant pirate, a flamboyant chocolate factory owner, a flamboyant film director (Ed Wood) and flamboyant tea enthusiasts (Alice in Wonderland). Okay, so Depp’s got a fetish for over-the-top characters. But there’s still one flamboyant role he hasn’t played yet. He toldthe one role he […]

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New Alice in Wonderland Pics!

Here’s some fresh-outta-the-oven promo pics for Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland. Not sure if I’m digging Anne Hathaway as a blonde. Or with rabies — let’s hope that rodent didn’t bite her during the shoot! Check out some more after the jump, including Johnny Depp eons creepier than when he played Michael-Jackson-as-Willy Wonka in Charlie […]

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John the Tipper

Talk about generous!  A Chicago waiter got greatly compensated for his overtime when Johnny Depp and the gang came to visit. Depp was dining one night with his co-star and director for one of his new films at a Chicago steak house, and upon leaving he left the waiter with a $4,000.00 tip!! Johnny and […]

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Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Now theres a REAL first look at Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland movie that Tim Burton is doing. Depp is Burton’s go to guy, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to disappoint!

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Disney Ready for More Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow shall ride again!   Jerry Bruckheimer is hard at work on a script for a fourth installment to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, because Disney is making the film a top priority. Says JB; “Disney’s priority is to get Pirates made.  That’s a great franchise for them and for us too. Beloved, […]

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