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Demi Lovato in rehab

Disney Cancels Jonas LA

Looks like the Disney Channel is ready to let go of the Jonas Brothers. First up: canceling their show, Jonas LA. The shows director is the latest to tweet it and delete it, saying : “Sadly no more Jonas LA” The guys are getting older and moving on to their own stuff, so we get […]

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What the F Happened to Demi Lovato!?

Ouch!  Demi Lovato posted this photo to her Twitter account this afternoon, from a hospital bed, with scratches and an IV. Never fear though, it’s not real!  The photo is from her upcoming gig on Grey’s Anatomy. Demi posted the caption “Demi Interrupted” with the photo.

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Strange Request For Those Wishing to Appear in ‘Pirates 4’

They’ve just started extras casting  for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,   the fourth installment of the Disney series,  but there’s one thing you should know  before heading down to try out to sail the seven seas with Johnny Depp and the gang. Women with fake breasts need not apply. No, not because everyone […]

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Gossip Girl Star Thankful She Didn’t Get Hannah Montana

It’s no secret that they went after JoJo to play the role of Hannah Montana before eventually punching Miley Cyrus’ ticket to fame, but who knew that Taylor Momsen was up for the role too. She’s plays the devlish Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl now, and sings for an edgy rock band The Pretty Reckless, […]

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The End of an Era; Hannah Montana’s Final Days

You know what they say… All good things come to an end.   So do bad things, and regular not good/not bad things.  It wouldn’t be fair if only the good things ended right? Whatever type of “thing” you think Disney’s Hannah Montana is, it’s coming to an end. That means the end of a career […]

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Captain EO Coming in February 2010!

Bad news for those of you planning a Disneyland trip in February 10 for the sole purpose of seeing Honey I Shrunk the Audience… But great news for everybody else! Captain EO is back! The 17 minuted 3D film shot back in 1986 that ran until 1997 featuring Michael Jackson in a musical space adventure […]

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Roy Disney Passes Away at 79

Roy Edward Disney, who was the nephew of Walt Disney, passed away today in Newport Beach, California. Roy’s commitment to his uncle’s creative spirit revived the once ailing animation department at Disney studios by unseating two of it’s cheif executives. He also bared a striking resemblance to his Uncle Walt. Roy was 79 years old. […]

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Disney Orders More Jonas

Sorry parents, spending time with your young ones might mean watching more episodes of JONAS on the Disney Channel. The trio’s television venture has been picked up for a season two. It doesn’t end there either.  The Jonas Brothers original reality series titled “Jonas Brothers; Living the Dream” has been picked up for a second […]

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Miley Cyrus Duets With Sheryl Crow, Says Bye Bye to Disney Image

Miley Cyrus watched her Disney career disappear like a poof from Mickey’s magic wand on Thursday night when she performed a duet with Sheryl Crow on VH1 Divas live. This is a good thing for Miley though.  Something she probably also thought about and planned! Besides the fact that Miley sang circles around Sheryl at […]

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Attention Archie Fans: Tim Gunn Gets a Comic Book

“We’re in danger! Call a 56-year-old gay man!” is not something you usually read in superhero comics, but Marvel was just bought by Disney, and Disney is repeatedly described as the most gay-friendly company in showbiz, so get ready for a Tim Gunn comic. Loaded Gunn is not about a permanently drunk Tim Gunn – […]

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