The End of an Era; Hannah Montana’s Final Days


You know what they say… All good things come to an end.   So do bad things, and regular not good/not bad things.  It wouldn’t be fair if only the good things ended right?

Whatever type of “thing” you think Disney’s Hannah Montana is, it’s coming to an end.

That means the end of a career for Cyrus.  No, not Miley Cyrus.  Of course she’s going to move on to much bigger things, we’re talking about her daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus.

HM was his second chance, his rebirth, his resurrection from an achy breaky heart attack, and now he’s going to phase away filming movies like The Spy Next Door.

It’ll all be okay for him though.  She’s freshly seventeen so as long as he can keep her in work-work-work mode for the next 10 months, a LOT of money will be coming in that he gets first dibs on.

After she flies the coop on her 18th birthday, It’ll be residual checks and frozen dinners in the Cyrus house.

The fifth and final season will begin filming this month, and will likely start airing some time this spring.

Does anyone follow this show?  Has the secret been exposed yet?

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