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“Miley Cyrus” Addresses Salvia Smoking on SNL

Saturday Night Live may have had their most complete episode ever last night! Well, they have had a lot of great episodes over the years, but last night’s was full of great sketches! Check out their take on the Miley Cyrus Show where Miley addresses her Salvia controversy.   Hilarious!

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Miley Cyrus Getting On With Her Life

Obviously Miley Cyrus knew she was being filmed when she took that big bong hit a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday, and obviously she knew there was a chance it would come out one day. According to some of her closest friends, she just doesn’t really care. Miley has yet to comment about the […]

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Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne Go Clubbing in NOLA

In time of need, Miley Cyrus may have gotten a pretty ideal companion! Both in Louisiana to film their new movie, So Undercover,  Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne were spotted out clubbing in Louisiana last night. According to the source, the girls arrived out to the club at about 1:30 am and were just dancing […]

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Steven Tyler to Miley Cyrus After Smoking Video: “Call Me”

At least one celeb is coming to the defense of Highley Miley Cyrus over the whole bong video thing. It’s an unlikely defender too!   It’s Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler! The new host of American Idol was asked what he thought of the news that Miley Cyrus had been caught smoking Salvia, a substance legal in the […]

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Billy Ray Cyrus Tweets: “Im so sad.” Over Miley’s Bong Video

Billy Ray Cyrus has finally broken his silence. Billy posted the following Tweet after we assume watching Miley’s bong video. “Sorry guys.  I had no idea.  Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now.” She’s 18 Bill.  Not much you can do any […]

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Miley Cyrus Bong-Smoking Video Appears Online

Well, the debate is over.   Miley Cyrus is no longer for your kids.   Now she’s just for the rest of us. A video has turned up this morning on TMZ of Miley Cyrus hitting a bong at a party with friends, and not some blurry surveillance footage that can be up for debate. Shot by […]

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More (Non Scandalous) Miley Cyrus Photos Leak

The Miley Cyrus photo scandal from last week has almost been completely thrown onto the back burner, as it came forward that the alleged nude photo was possibly just a hoax from a 19 year old girl from London who was posing as the pop star. But a series of other photos have been leaking […]

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Miley Cyrus Center Of Another Photo Scandal

There’s a new Miley Cyrus photo scandal going around on the net. Apparently her phone was taken from a party last week, and contained an image of her posing in a hotel room in Madrid wearing nothing but a shirt strikingly similar to the one pictured above. The validity of the photo is questionable, as […]

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Happy 18th Birthday Miley Cyrus!

We know you’ve been watching the count down clock, but settle down pervs, no need to go overboard on day one, lets take today to just wish Miley Cyrus a happy 18th birthday! Tomorrow… anything goes. Happy birthday Miley!!

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Miley Cyrus’ AMA Warm Up

Miley stopped in for a visit to her vocal coach in preparation for tonight’s  American Music Award performance. Cyrus was originally slated to sing Every Rose Has It’s Thorn but changed her mind last minute due to the rumors that were swirling last week about an affair between her Mom and Bret Michaels who wrote and […]

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