Miley Cyrus Bong-Smoking Video Appears Online

Well, the debate is over.   Miley Cyrus is no longer for your kids.   Now she’s just for the rest of us.

A video has turned up this morning on TMZ of Miley Cyrus hitting a bong at a party with friends, and not some blurry surveillance footage that can be up for debate.

Shot by a “friend”  who clearly says “I have to document this sh*t”  Miley hits the bong twice, before getting a case of the giggles, and starting her “trip.”

Apparently, the substance in the bong was not marijuana, but Salvia, a natural herb which is legal in the state of California, and known to cause hallucinations.  It’s available at most smoke shops over the counter, as long as you are eighteen and over.

Naturally, Miley’s and co. are not going to admit if it was marijuana, so they win this no matter what.   She technically did nothing illegal.

There’s going to be a lot of upset moms out there every time that Hannah Montana CD pops in the car, but we’re thinking this is only shades of whats to come.

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