Gossip Girl Star Thankful She Didn’t Get Hannah Montana


It’s no secret that they went after JoJo to play the role of Hannah Montana before eventually punching Miley Cyrus’ ticket to fame, but who knew that Taylor Momsen was up for the role too.

She’s plays the devlish Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl now, and sings for an edgy rock band The Pretty Reckless, but Taylor Momsen is now speaking out about almost being given the role of Disney’s Hannah Montana, and how she’s glad that it went to Miley instead of her.

During a recent interview she explains; “Honestly, if I’d have ended up as Hannah Montana, I don’t know if the show would have gone as well. I probably would have told them all to go f**k themselves by the time I hit 11. And I don’t know how that would have gone down. It’s great for Miley, but I really like where I am right now and I feel really fortunate to be able to really be myself.”

Momsen was 9 years old when the audition process came down to her, Cyrus and another.

As for being a role model for young girls?  Not on Momsen’s to do list.  She adds;

“Online, there’s a thousand people who are just so mean. There are so many negative comments about just the pettiest things that you can’t even read it… My favorite blogs are where you get the mothers saying, ‘She’s the worst influence on my daughter, I would never let my daughter dress like that’, or, ‘This girl’s such a whore, she’s a slut’. And I’m, like, you’re a mother! And I’m 16.  To be honest, I don’t f**king care. I didn’t get into this to be a role model. So I’m sorry if I’m influencing your kids in a way that you don’t like, but I can’t be responsible for their actions. I don’t care.”

Crazy how things turn out.   This one is going to be raising some eyebrows for years to come.

What about Miley Cyrus?  Would she be where she is today without Hannah Montana based off her music alone?  Or even close to it?

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