Miley Cyrus Duets With Sheryl Crow, Says Bye Bye to Disney Image


Miley Cyrus watched her Disney career disappear like a poof from Mickey’s magic wand on Thursday night when she performed a duet with Sheryl Crow on VH1 Divas live.

This is a good thing for Miley though.  Something she probably also thought about and planned!

Besides the fact that Miley sang circles around Sheryl at her own song, I thought that they had came to a smart decision of keeping Miley from singing the chorus of “why the hell are you so sad.”

That is… until I heard her sing the lyrics  “well okay, I still get stoned,  I’m not the kind of girl that you take home.”

What you then heard was the collective sigh of the Walt Disney corporation.   Their cash cow talking about getting stoned?

Miley sang the final 2 choruses of the song, which brought her “hell” count to at least 2.

Really though, she’s got a hell of a voice.   Watch Sheryl Crow getting schooled on how to sing her own song below.

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One Response to Miley Cyrus Duets With Sheryl Crow, Says Bye Bye to Disney Image

  1. October 28, 2009 at 11:49 am #

    you are retarded, in line 9 of your little miley is so great speech above you misspelled the word “decision” and did it ever occur to you who have obviously never been in the music business the that sheryls people were paid to let cyrus take the lead on the song since she is the artist they are attempting to promote right now due to the fact disney was already getting ready to dump cyrus anyway due to her slutty antics. Sure the girl has a voice but she is no musician, when she writes a top ten song music and lyrics herself then she’ll have something to use to compete with the likes of Sheryl Crow. Until then she is just another piece of underage ass singing karaoke.

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