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The Oprah Show Smacks Hugh Jackman in the Face

The excitement around the Oprah show has become less and less contained and more and more out of hand over the years. Whether it’s Tom Cruise jumping on a couch, or the audience being brought to a frenzy over a free blender, it was just a matter of time until someone got hurt. That someone […]

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Oprah Winfrey Addresses Lesbian Rumors Again

Oprah Winfrey has again addressed the rumors that she’s a lesbian, this time to Barbara Walters. O tells Babs during an upcoming interview:   “I’m not a lesbian.  I’m not even kind of a lesbian.” Part of a full interview that will air soon, Oprah adds: “The reason why it irritates me is because it […]

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Does Oprah Have an Agenda? Airing Molestation/ Michael Jackson Episodes Back to Back

It’s probably nothing more than a scheduling coincidence, but conspiracy buffs might start raising a brow with Oprah’s latest schedule flub. On November 9th, Oprah is airing an episode in which she visits with Michael Jackson’s mother, father, and kids at their home. The episode will be one of the first with his children, and […]

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Everyone is Canceling on Oprah

We thought it was an unwritten rule that no one says “no” to Oprah. Remember when Jonathan Franzen expressed concerns with his book The Corrections being part of Oprah’s Book Club and the world went crazy? Well, now it seems to be okay to say no to the Queen of Talk. First Kanye West cancels […]

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Oprah (Basically) Tells John Mayer: Get Bent, Cracker

Right on, Oprah. Don’t let John Mayer sully your studio with an apology for using the word nigger. There is no greater crime against humanity than using the word nigger, even if you’re not racist and simply trying to make a point about the word’s usage. Add to that having written “Your Body is a […]

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Guess Who’s On Team Leno? Team Oprah

Jay Leno appeared on Oprah today. We’re only allowed to watch security cam footage on the office television, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been browsing the comments section on Oprah’s website for the last hour. Who would have guessed that an army of housewives who were watching Dr. Phil before he had […]

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Oprah Plays Favorites

Oprah Winfrey (who used to look like the photo above) has made quite the donation to an inner city school in Atlanta. 1.5 million is the sum of the generous donation that the Big O left for The Ron Clark Academy, a private middle school in one of the town’s poorest neighborhoods. Just last December, […]

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Sarah Palin to Appear on Oprah!

Oprah just announced that on Monday, November 16, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be joining her on her talk show! Is this a showdown one year in the making? Can’t wait to tune in!

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Oprah Getting Sued For Firing a Mile High Club Stewardess

A former flight attendant on Oprah‘s private plane is suing the O for wrongful dismissal. In other words, Oprah fired the stewardess, and the stewardess is fighting back. So what did the flight attendant do to get fired? Did she speak out of turn? Apparently the woman, Corrine Gehrls, had sex with the co-pilot midflight […]

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Michelle Phillips: “Mackenzie Has A Lot Of Mental Illness”

Somehow we knew this story just wouldn’t die. Michelle Phillips doesn’t believe her step-daughter Mackenzie’s “consensual incest” allegations. The former Mamas and Papas singer is pissed at Mackenzie – and Oprah! (Oprah? That’s like taking on the FBI!) Phillips released the following statement: “John was a bad parent, and a drug addict. But f**king his […]

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