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Whitney Remembers Michael

Whitney Houston sat down with Oprah Winfrey for Part Deux of her tell-all-interview yesterday, and among the revelations? How she reacted to Michael Jackson’s death. “Devastating. I have so many good memories of spending time with him. I’ve known his family for so many years that I thought, ‘It can’t be true.’ I knew he […]

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Whitney & Oprah: The Hype Begins

Oprah Winfrey is hyping her September 14 sit-down with Whitney Houston bigtime! She’s calling it: “one of the most, if not the most, powerful interviews I’ve ever done.” What?!! You mean more than Elizabeth Taylor, O? Ha ha! (Those of you laughing are O fans who know that O has said that ET is her […]

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Dr. Oz: “O-Revoir Oprah!”

Dr. Mehmet Oz is moving away from the cozy bosom of Oprah Winfrey and branching out on his own. “The Dr. Oz Show” debuts September 14 and stars Dr. Mehmet Oz. No Oprah on the side. Reports are coming in that Dr Oz – who wants the show to focus on healthcare in an entertaining […]

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Chris Brown Isn’t Feeling Oprah’s Love

For some people Oprah Winfrey is God. To others, sort of like a great Community College Teacher’s Aide. But to Chris Brown? She’s mud. After Oprah did a show dedicated to “all the Rihannas of the world,” the convicted lady beater told People magazine that his feelings were hurt. Said Chris: “I commend Oprah on […]

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We’ll Say It. Whitney Houston: What Is She On?

Despite all the hype surrounding Whitney Houston‘s comeback, we ain’t buying it. Before she hits Oprah for her exclusive interview, Whitney did a number of press interviews about the new album. If you watch the video below, you’ll see a disinterested Whitney Houston who looks down at the floor a lot and stammers. It’s not […]

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Whitney Houston to Sit Down With Oprah

Whitney Houston will give her first televised interview in 7 years to Oprah, in an episode that will air September 14. Whitney’s comeback is going strong, hopefully her interview is lucid and insightful.  If you remember her interview with Diane Sawyer (the last televised interview) she was strung out and dropped this gem, “Crack is […]

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Forbes’ List of the Top-Earning Women in Hollywood: You Ain’t On It

Forbes Magazine compiled their first ever list of the top-earning women in Hollywood from June 2008 to June 2009. Women from all avenues of entertainment were considered. 1. Oprah, $275 Million 2. Madonna, $110 million 3. Celine Dion, $100 million 4. Beyonce, $87 million 5. Stephanie Meyers, $50 million (the writer of Twilight) 6. Judge […]

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Oprah Wants To Give You A Free Book, Not A Car

She’s built villages, fed the poor, and now… Oprah wants you to stick your nose in a book. The one woman powerhouse is giving her official website members an exclusive free download: Colum McCann’s new novel, ‘Let The Great World Spin.’ Oprah’s description of the book: “A God-battered Irish monk, a swashbuckling prostitute, an artist […]

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Oprah Causing KFC a Headache!

Apparently everyone jumped on Oprah’s offer for free KFC. There are reports coming in around the internet of riots and commotion outside many KFCs, with some branches not honoring the coupons anymore due to running out of the supply of chicken to hand out for free. A customer from New York writes; I just returned […]

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Oprah is Feeding America.

When you have Oprah money you can do funny things like this to amuse yourself. Oprah is buying everyone in America  KFC for lunch. If you go to  you can print out a coupon for a free 2 piece grilled chicken, two individual sides, and a biscuit. Hurry though, you only have until midnight […]

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