Whitney & Oprah: The Hype Begins

Oprah Winfrey is hyping her September 14 sit-down with Whitney Houston bigtime! She’s calling it: “one of the most, if not the most, powerful interviews I’ve ever done.

What?!! You mean more than Elizabeth Taylor, O? Ha ha! (Those of you laughing are O fans who know that O has said that ET is her worst interview. Those of you not laughing are probably thinking I should get a life.)

Back to Whitney! Explains Oprah:

I just wanted to be able to have an honest conversation with her. One woman to another woman,” says Oprah. “And the day of the interview I literally prayed about that all day long. I just wanted a connection between the two of us. And that is what happened.

Wait, what about Gayle? Way to put a sister on the back-burner, O!

Oprah continues:

I think whether you liked or loved Whitney Houston before you will certainly have a deeper appreciation for what she has been through as a human being. And I mean the fans are just going to love her even more.”

We’re setting the DVR now.

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