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Chris Browns Homophobic Hump-Day on Twitter

Chris Brown has been on the straight and narrow for some time now, even comepleting his domestic violence course, but he may be back on a few peoples shit lists after a twitter rant today that could be deemed homophobic. When B2K rapper Raz B tweeted: “Im just sittin here Thinking how can n**gas like […]

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Chris Brown’s Crying Over Eye Drops, Not Michael Jackson?

Now this would be a new low, but we wouldn’t expect otherwise from Chris Brown! After his emotional breakdown of tears during the BET awards during his Michael Jackson tribute, (which we said was a sham all along) a witness was saying that Chris used tear inducing eye drops backstage to make himself cry. The […]

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Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute: Love it or Leave it?

Chris Brown performed a heart felt Michael Jackson tribute at last night’s BET awards, where at one point he broke down to tears and could no longer sing. Are you guys buying it?  We know Christ Brown can dance.  He’s danced to Jackson before, and he’s damn good at it so no surprise there.  Always […]

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Chris Brown Turns 21…

It’s Chris Browns birthday.  His 21st. I say rather than giving him a birthday wish, we give him the birthday silent treatment. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Chris Brown Gets a Job

Most jobs don’t want to hire a violent person, especially one accused of hitting a woman. However, there is the business of hitting, otherwise known as boxing, who will be welcoming one of their own this weekend in Las Vegas to sing the national anthem during the Sugar Shane Mosley / Floyd Mayweather fight, according […]

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Chris Brown: Twitter Quitter

Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account following a series of bitter messages about the failure of stores to stock his new CD, Graffiti. Don’t worry, we managed to archive the final few days: Chris Brown ay yo Graffiti dropping in two days COP IT! UNLESS YOU A COP! just playin’ y’all, my probation officer […]

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Chris Brown: “The Industry Can Kiss My Ass!”

Chris Brown has been doing a little investigating as of late!  He’s been throwing a tantrum on Twitter because record stores are refusing to sell his new album, Graffiti. Brown wrote on his page this weekend; , “I’m tired of this s–t. Major stores r (are) blackballing my cd. Not stocking the shelves and lying […]

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Chris Brown Hangs Up When He Hears “Rihanna”

Chris Brown called a radio station this morning to discuss his terribly reviewed album. Except the talk wasn’t about music. Not so much. It was more about girlfriend beating and 20/20, Rihanna’s abuse, not the type of stuff Chris’ publicist wants to discuss. Listen to the heated exchange – and the slamming after the question […]

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Chris Brown Still Talking

Chris Brown too will get to sit down with 20/20 to discuss about that night with Rihanna, and the first snip of the interview aired today on Good Morning America. Chris has been apologizing every time he’s in front of a camera it seems ever since that night, but have the people forgiven yet?  We […]

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Chris Brown Is Still Feeling The Pain

It sucks to be Chris Brown these days. The disgraced pop star is still feeling the burn from his buddies within the music industry. The latest news? Timbaland has dropped Brown from his new song, ‘The One That I Love.’ Why? If you believe Tim’s management,  it’s  a “creative decision.” Which is really Hollywood talk […]

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