Oprah (Basically) Tells John Mayer: Get Bent, Cracker


Right on, Oprah. Don’t let John Mayer sully your studio with an apology for using the word nigger. There is no greater crime against humanity than using the word nigger, even if you’re not racist and simply trying to make a point about the word’s usage. Add to that having written “Your Body is a Wonderland,” and I’m not averse to capital punishment.

Popeater is reporting that the troubadour wants to express his contrition at the alter of Oprah, but girlfriend said talk to the hand:

“Oprah is the smartest person on TV and will not let John use her or her show to ask for forgiveness,” a TV insider tells me. “If John really wants to apologize for his racist and sexist comments, he should find somewhere else. The only way Oprah, who is a dear friend of Jennifer Aniston, would ever book him is if John were interested in having a much deeper conversation about race, women and fame.”

Yep, that’s Oprah. Smartest person on TV. Sorry, black guy who hosts Nova.

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One Response to Oprah (Basically) Tells John Mayer: Get Bent, Cracker

  1. May 5, 2010 at 5:11 am #

    Puh-lease. Oprah is the biggest racist on the airwaves. She should be ashamed of herself for her actions. Getting the opportunity in this great country to make all the money she made (from mostly WHITE people) and then paying it forward to Africa instead of here in the USA. There are way too many folks here in the US who need help. Africa did NOTHING for her, and certainly had no part in her financial good fortune. BTW, calling a white person a cracker is just as offensive as the word nigger. She’s the Biggest hypocrite!

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